The brass rod is made on a horizontal continuous casting machine

! Founded in 1898, Verkhnidniprovsky Foundry and Mechanical Plant is today the largest manufacturer and exporter of brass products in Ukraine. Many years of experience combined with progressive engineering personnel, continuous implementation of advanced production technologies, ensure the highest quality of products that meet global requirements and standards.

Пруток латунный

A drawn brass rod of round cross-section with a diameter of 200mm.


A drawn brass rod of round cross-section with a diameter of 135mm.

! The production capacity of the enterprise is more than 500 tons of brass rod per month of brands CW617N (ЛС58-2), CW608N (ЛС59-1), CW612N (ЛС59-2) or any other brass alloys at the request of the Customer. Our own spectral analysis laboratory guarantees the quality of the released alloys.


The VLMZ plant delivers goods and raw materials throughout Ukraine and beyond.

Delivery routes to European countries, the USA, Canada, Turkey, etc. have already been established. They allow to quickly and efficiently deliver the necessary volumes of cargo.

VLMZ uses the services of carriers for deliveries abroad.


LME price charts

! The main components of brass alloys are copper and zinc, so the price of these raw materials directly affects the cost of a brass rod. The information is provided to users for reference.

Zinc (Zn)

Copper (Cu)

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